The private place of prayer – “go into your inner room and close your door.”
The inner room speaks of my mounting. Of course, one can pray anywhere. All that Jesus said here was that the prayer that counts must not be polluted by publicity, professionalism, pride or shine. It has to do with a relationship, “Our Father”. It is exalted, heavenly work. Unsaved and carnal Christians cannot pray. Watchman No says: “… to know the will of God in prayer does not so much demand the right method, but a heart that is right.” In the inner room we are translucent, there we are “… open and bare before Him with whom we are dealing.” (Heb. 4:13). There I am exactly who I am. Only sincerity and purity count. The interior room speaks to motivation. A Christian will only enter the inner room if he is sufficiently motivated. There was an advertisement on radio and television that ended with the strongest reason to buy a specific product: “I want it because I want it.” The interior room, on the other hand, is that I cannot do without it in my life. The greatest enemy of prayer is not the lack of time, but the lack of motivation.
The inner room speaks of collaboration. One of the hardest things about prayer is to keep the door open. CH Spurgeon, the great preacher, had the habit of staying in his study every Saturday night, praying unobtrusively and waiting on the Lord for Sunday services. On one occasion his servant came to interrupt him with the message that there was someone demanding to see Spurgeon. The person was also a servant of the Lord. Spurgeon, who placed the inner room above everything, sent his servant back with the words: “Tell him, I am busy with the Master Himself and cannot now speak to His servant.”

The result of prayer – “… will repay you in public” (Matt. 6: 6).
Job asks, “What is the Almighty that we do to Him? And what good is it that we pray to Him in prayer? ” (Job 21:15). There are three products that produce prayer:
Spiritual Maturity:
The word “reveal” in the original language is a clearer idea of ​​a revelation. In Exodus 34:29 we read that Moses’ face shone because he was in communion with God – “And while we all look upon the face of the Lord with uncovered face, as in a mirror, we are transformed into the same. image, from glory to glory, as by the Lord who is the Spirit ”(2 Cor. 3:18). A revelation of God leaves no man unchanged. My attitude, attitudes, reactions and life will testify to my prayer life, or lack thereof.
Peace of mind:
In this regard, Jesus says that there is no reason to worry about life, possessions, necessities and the future. Communion with God in prayer brings a calm, a confidence and a peace that transcends all understanding. Paul, in the storm, was able to give courage to another because an angel of God appeared to him in prayer that night (Acts 27: 22-25).
The word “recompense” means give or return. He repays us by answering our prayers. How little can we do for the salvation of souls, or change their circumstances. How much can God do for them through us! Those who pray right live right. Those who pray well work well and those who pray most achieve the most. Prayer that counts is not a superficial expression of words, but an inner yearning of the heart.

Rejoice with us!

Otjiwarongo Pentecost:
The Pentecostal services at the Dutch Reformed Church were particularly blessed. We were able to talk to people spiritually many times after the events and see how the services had an impact on the community.

Tsumeb Pentecost:
As every year, the Tsumeb outreach was overloaded with opportunities. We were able to share the gospel with 7173 souls during these few days in Tsumeb.

Namibia tour:
The Lord has blessed the services and worked in hearts. At the last service a few people could pray for various spiritual needs and one young couple testified to me that the Lord had definitely done something for them. There were also events at businesses, schools, old age homes and other places where the Lord’s Word went out.
Vacation Bible Club:
Between 30 and 40 children attended the club every day. There, too, boys opened their hearts to the Lord.
A testimony from a person who attended the events: “In words I cannot thank you enough for bringing the message and I also want to say thank you for coming to our village. We need it so much. ”

Northern Cape
Springbok: There was a boy at the youth camp who recently lost his father to death. On Saturday we noticed the boy was in tears. He misses his father. That night, one of the pilgrims could pray with that young man, where he received forgiveness for his sins through the precious blood of Jesus Christ, and he could also have forgiven his father for the things his father had done to him.

Western Cape
Stellenbosch street work:
Together with Glenvar’s men’s students, this outreach once again yielded some highlights for all of us. I will never forget the two students of Stellenbosch, deeply aware of their soul distress, who, during separate incidents, asked me to
not to pray them. Then it becomes sacred ground under the plane trees in Victoria Street because of God’s presence.

Eastern Cape
From the first message, which had the theme: “Dust Then!” the Lord spoke to us. During the witness service, people spontaneously testified what the Lord had done for them during the conference.
Youth Camp:
The Lord surprised us with 17 young people. In closing, there were 36 people and we honor the Lord that He just came to strengthen our faith again. The testimonies we received from the youth camp are so wonderful, the kids can’t wait and are so excited for another camp.

North Gauteng
Middelburg outreach:
There is great gratitude in our hearts to our Heavenly
Father for the blessed outreach in Middelburg for the past 8 days. We had wonderful open doors to preach the gospel.
Here are some testimonies:
Tony Spies: The message was about why Jesus died on the cross. A boy made jokes all the time and caught people’s attention. When I finished, the boy realized he was in sin. I talked to him about getting to God. He realized a sin and we could pray with him for salvation.
Marézelle Waterson: During the business openings we were able to experience that the people were really listening and grateful that we came to share with them and several businesses told us to please.
come again.

Orange River
We are pleased to testify of the Lord’s work in lives. our ability and / or efforts. A young man in the Upington Prison, who attended the Justification classes, writes: “Justification” has come to create a future for me with presenting and attending. I can say that I am a new creature in Christ! ” One morning North Orange girl came to me one morning
ran and asked, “Uncle, why does Uncle always preach to us with a story / game?” “Well,” I answer, “so that you can understand the Bible better.” She replied “Uncle, I don’t like church, but I like Uncle sermons, and understand it!”

Potchefstroom Campaign:
We had the wonderful privilege of being able to reach out to Glenvar Bible School in Potchefstroom. During the week we held services in conjunction with the Church of the Nazarene and concluded the series services with a performance of “Just One Tree”, the story of Gert du Plessis Lambrecht who met the Lord in the death cells. The performance was the highlight of the series for me. As the scene played out, one could truly perceive the presence of the Lord.

South Gauteng
Elsburg is a sad piece of earth. We had so many heartbreaking conversations today. A young girl who was in tears on the street after realizing that the Lord’s grace was great on her. Another young man was also in tears as he told us his story. The poor man is desperate and Jesus’ love has come close to him.

Glenvar Bible School:
Diploma Service – Saturday, June 23 at 3 p.m. Mr Joggie Swanepoel will bring the Word of the Lord.
Western Cape:
Vacation Bible School Velddrif: June 25 – 29.
VBS Potchefstroom 2 – 6 July
Boons outreach and services July 16 – 21
Mooi Nooi July 22-24
Windhoek Schools outreach July 9-20
Swakopmund outreach July 21 – 29
Walvis Bay outreach July 21 – 29
Botswana Farm Visitation August 2 – 13
Botswanna Children’s Camp August 3 – 5
Northern Cape :
VBS Kimberley 25 – 29 June
VBS Orania July 2 – 6