The Africa Evangelistic Band was formed in 1924 in Cape Town. It is an inter-church autonomous organization. The A.E.B. workers all belong to recognized evangelical Protestant churches and retain their membership of their congregations. Workers of the A.E.B. undergo a two-year Bible College training at the Bible School in Cape Town.

The purpose of the A.E.B. is intensive evangelism work. The main goal is to reach people with the gospel. The deepening of spiritual life in Christian lives is also emphasized and the inter-church nature of the movement emphasizes the unity of the children of the Lord.

The A.E.B. endorses the fundamental orthodox teachings of the evangelical churches. We endorse the entire Bible as the Word of God and believe in its full inspiration. The A.E.B. emphasizes justification through faith, the rebirth, separation from sin and worldliness, heart cleansing, and the fullness of the Holy Spirit.

The methods by which the gospel is preached consist of diverse methods such as:
Evangelism Outreaches: Series of services are usually done as independent outreaches or in conjunction with local congregations. Personal work is then done and gospel services are held in the evenings.

Camp Conferences: Across South Africa there are well-equipped camp sites where camps for the deepening of the spiritual life are held regularly. Youth camps are also held on a regular basis. The Lord has blessed these camps in a powerful way over the years and many people have testified that it was precisely at such camp conventions that the Lord worked in their lives.

Macro Outreaches: We also reach out to larger towns and make use of various initiatives to spread the gospel on a larger, macro scale. As teams, we provide Bible study meetings to businesses, visitations to schools, homes for the homeless, resorts for the elderly, home visitation and then evening services. Outreaches are also done on farms.

The A.E.B also has a fruitful literature ministry that includes several book rooms in Namibia, as well as our own publication, “The Pilgrim” magazine.
The Bible Correspondence Course rounds off our literature ministry by giving Christians access to distance learning that consists of 12 modules through which a diploma can be obtained.

The Africa Evangelistic Band is a mission of faith where faith in God is the principle on which we operate.