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"But seek ye first the kingdom of God"

Prepared Hearts

Dear Friends
We trust that each of you is doing well. Thank you for your continued prayers and support. We recently heard about the passing of Mr. Stoffel Mcloud. He left deep footprints in the AEB and was a beloved and respected worker in the AEB. We will always remember him for his walk with the Lord, his unwavering faith in the Lord, but also his precious sense of humor. May the Lord comfort his family in time.


Ezra 7: 6-10 “he was a ready scribe in the law of Moses… For Ezra had prepared his heart to seek the law of the LORD, and to do it, and to teach in Israel statutes and judgments.”

1. Preparation of the heart – When a man directs his heart to seek the Word of the Lord, to do it and to teach it to others, then a great revival has already begun. Man must first be surrendered to the Lord before our lives can be of any use to Him. Proverbs 16: 1 “The preparations of the heart in man,”.
2. The hand of the Lord was on Ezra. v. 6 “and the king granted him all his request, according to the hand of the LORD his God upon him.” The all-conquering Hand is the companion of the prepared heart.
3. Provision – “all his desires willing” and v. 21 “that whatsoever Ezra the priest, the scribe of the law of the God of heaven, shall require of you, it be done speedily”. Ezra prepared his heart and the Lord provided for every need he had. “He never sends His servants a warfare on their own charges.”
4. Command of the Lord – Ezra 7:25 “And thou, Ezra, after the wisdom of thy God, that is in thine hand, set magistrates and judges, which may judge all the people that are beyond the river, all such as know the laws of thy God; and teach ye them that know them not.”
Mal. 2: 7 “For the priest’s lips should keep knowledge, and they should seek the law at his mouth: for he is the messenger of the LORD of hosts.” Rom. 10:17 – Faith does not come by words of wisdom from men, but by the Word of God.
5. Our life must be consistent with our testimony – Ezra 8:22 “For I was ashamed to require of the king..” v23 “So we fasted and besought our God for this”. When our heart is focused on the Lord, then He is our source to whom we go, the Rock in which we hide.


  • 7 November – Kuils River service
  • 12 – 21 November – Singing campaign in S-Gauteng with various openings at churches
  • 14 November – Strand service
  • 14-19 November Namibia Coast Youth Week openings
  • 21 November – Diploma service Glenvar
  • 23-25 November – Elnatan Youth Camp Namibia
  • 27 November – Year end service at Hebron
  • 1-2 December – Pilgrim meetings Samekoms
  • 3-5 December – National Conference – Meeting, Middelburg, Mpumalanga

“Every great movement of God can be traced to a kneeling figure” – DL Moody


EASTERN CAPE: While working in a town, I see someone who has the Lord on my heart. When I talked to the man, he kept asking me how I knew these things about him. He was in tears and I could give him a tract. At a rehabilitation center I had the opportunity to work regularly with people in great need and we could also lead our people to the Lord.

WESTERN CAPE: The campaign on the West Coast was, as last year, very blessed. The regular opening every day at the Rehabilitation Center was undoubtedly the highlight for me again. The receptivity of the approximately 30 men, their search for God and appreciation for the Word is truly a belt under the heart. The fruit on the labor there, namely people with whom we could pray afterward for a variety of needs, was a very great encouragement. Clanwilliam Day Conference – There was a beautiful atmosphere in which the Word of God could easily come into our hearts.

NORTHERN CAPE: With the youth evening could experience how the Lord came to speak to young people’s hearts. A young boy came to ask for my number and later shared his need, distress and desperation and sought help. Please pray. together how to help this boy as well as for the powerful working of Jesus in his life! The Men’s Breakfast was also marked by the Lord’s presence. One man testified after the time, he received not just another message this morning, but a Word that struck and he needed to go do introspection.

NORTH WEST: At one Church the Lord came really close to us, the Lord’s presence was so palpable that the deacon spontaneously burst into tears with the closing prayer in the consistory where he again dedicated himself to the Lord. At another congregation, eight people responded to the service and one man was so moved that he could not even utter a word. ʼn Lady in the same service also met the Lord anew there.

ORANGE FREE STATE: At a farming community we were able to hold a farmers’ conference this year. At two farm schools we were able to start reaching out among the children and place books further. The housemates contacted me a while later and the lady testified that she had accepted the Lord as her Savior and Redeemer. April youth camp – With the witness opportunity, one after the other young people testified of what the Lord had done for them. Some of them testified of salvation, and two of calling for full-time service and also a few who testified of sanctification.

SOUTH GAUTENG: Despite personal challenges, we still held the Lord for a soul and on March 4, I had the privilege of leading an atheist man to the Lord. What a privilege to be able to pray for that soul with that broken man. All his life he had not known love, and with tears he confessed and said, “Now I know love!”

NORTH GAUTENG: Holiday Bible school – What a privilege it was not to climb under the congregation’s burden for child souls. Only about 10 of the 58 children were from the congregation and therefore it was a precious Evangelism outreach to 48 children from elsewhere in the town. We honor the Lord for His enabling, His Word, and their open hearts. 14 children definitely responded through the week and bowed their hearts before God.

NAMIBIA: Our farm visits to the south were an incredible blessing. Every farmer we stopped at was an elaborate encounter with the Lord.

ORANGE RIVER: We have an opportunity to hold services for homeless people on some Sundays. After one message, two people responded and testified that they trusted the Lord to save them. At a church before one service, the Lord placed another message on my heart for the occasion, and after the service, a lady stayed behind to make amends with the Lord.

CONVENTION SPEAKER – JENNY DANIEL: I look back over the last 6 months with wonder, as I consider the places God allowed me to visit in the USA, as well as the testimonies shared of God’s dealings in lives. It was a huge adjustment not having Keith with me at each place, but during it all the thrill of what God is continuing to do in hearts because of previous messages and those available online was a huge encouragement. E-mails continue to reach sharing testimonies. This week, I will be speaking at a church’s end of year function for ladies in Cape Town itself DV at which they expect 50 to attend. Please pray for God’s unction.

In His Name
Frans & Erica Gericke

Men of God taken from our midst

Dear Friends

We greet you with broken hearts due to the sudden death of Mr. Keith Daniel. I would like to share with you some thoughts on the death of God’s benefactors written by AC Dixon.

Psalms 116:15
Precious in the sight of the Lord is the death of His saints.”

As we see death, it means decay, removal, absence—things which we do not prize. But as God sees death, He beholds something really precious to Him and, we may justly infer, precious to us, for whatever is against us cannot be precious to our Father. We are looking at the wrong side of the tapestry, where all is tangle and confusion. God sees the right side, where the design is intelligent and the colours harmonious. We are without the veil, and see but the dim light through the curtain; within is the Shechinah glory. We stand in the dark, believing and hoping; God is in the light, seeing and knowing.

I. To God death means the opportunity to supply every need of His child. Health means conscious strength. While we are well, we may feel that we are equal to taking care of ourselves. Dying means absolute helplessness. Such is God’s opportunity. When physicians give up the case, He takes it up. After human help has failed, the Lord delights to be to us all that we need.

II. To God death means the most intimate communion. He rejoices to have all to Himself those whom He loves. He said of Israel, “I will allure her and bring her into the wilderness, and speak comfortably unto her.” No one else can help us die. Through the valley we must go alone—yet not alone, for Jesus accompanies.

III. To God death means rest. Jesus said, “Come unto Me,” etc. It was His delight to quiet the heart and give rest to the weary mind. The voice from heaven said, “Blessed are the dead,” etc. “There remaineth a rest,” etc. To us death looks like a rest of the body—the lifeless form no longer suffers; it sleeps until the waking on the resurrection morning. God sees the rest of soul, and the event which introduces His children into this restful state is precious to Him.

IV. To God death means larger life. Christ came to give life, and to give it more abundantly. Whatever imparts and increases the life of God’s people is of great value. While to us death seems to be the cessation of life, to God it is an increase of life. The last words of Drummond Burns were, “I have been dying for years, now I shall begin to live.” It is passing from the land of the dying into the land of the living.

V. To God death means joy. All through the Bible we are exhorted to “Rejoice, rejoice evermore!” The joy of His children is precious to God. Dying, Rutherford exclaimed, “I feed on manna; oh, for arms to embrace Him!” President Wingate, of Wake Forest College, whispered to his wife with his last breath, “I thought it would be sweet, but I did not think it would be sosweet as this.” It is passing from shadow into sunshine; from the discords of earth into the music of the celestial harps; from contraction into everlasting expansion.

VI. To God death means ministry to the living. Through death Jesus entered the family of the Jewish ruler, and the death of our friends often leads us to invite the Man of Sorrows to our homes. The departure of loved ones opens a window of heaven, and gives us a glimpse into the beyond; and in leaving us, they, in a very true sense, come to us. We appreciate them as we never did before; we see their virtues and forget their faults; they are to us transfigured, while everything about them shines with a peculiar glory. (A. C. Dixon, D.D.)

Men of God taken from our midst

  1. Mr. Keith Daniel died yesterday afternoon on 6 March 2021 after a three-week sickbed in a hospital in Cape Town. Children of God from various parts of the world prayed together for Mr. Daniel, Jenny, Noel, Roy and Samuel and held their hands up in prayer as they all walked through these deep waters. For me personally, it was such an encouragement to be able to see how many people around this beloved man of God and his family united in prayer and encouraged one another with the promises of God. I honor the Lord for every precious friend who stands with them in this, possibly, the saddest time in their lives. So many precious testimonies giving glory to God have been shared about this beloved man of God’s life and influence.
    Mr Daniel was part of the AEB with his training for 50 years while serving as Superintendent of Natal and the Eastern Cape during this time. For most of his life, he was the A.E.B.’s Convention Speaker. Without a doubt, his walk with God, his love for the Word, his faithfulness and his empathy made him stand out as a beloved man of God. Virtually every testimony shared about him deals with, among other things, how he encouraged people and what he meant to them spiritually. To many, he was like a spiritual father. He often took the burden of others on himself and fasted and prayed about it until God came to give the outcome. I thank the Lord for the privilege I had of being able to put conferences, day conferences and other occasions at his feet, for every conversation I could have with him and for every soul he helped to get out of the darkness. to find eternal light. Not only did we lose a precious co-worker, but a true friend. Please pray. for Jenny, Roy, Noël, Samuel and the rest of the family.
  2. Mr. Johan de Bruin died at the end of December 2020 after a short illness due to Covid-19. Until his death he was the General Superintendent as well as the Chairman of the Board of the A.E.B. In both of these positions he served faithfully and selflessly. His spiritual walk with God, his prayer life, his love for the Word and precious souls were outstanding qualities of Mr. Johan de Bruin. The two positions he served in were a huge responsibility and a challenge. We honor the Lord for a man who gave his best for the Lord and for everything he did and meant to the A.E.B. Please pray for Mrs. Magda de Bruin and the rest of the family.
  3. Mr. Frans Terblanche from Groblersdal recently died in a car accident. For many spiritual workers, Frans Terblanche was a friend. Throughout the years we have known him, he has been a regular at our conventions and supporter of the A.E.B. Frans was known for his love for his Heavenly Father, his holy walk and sincerity. I never saw Frans without a smile on his face. We have lost a precious friend in the Lord. Please pray for Anelize, Rolize, Elizna and Hennie with their families.
  4. Mrs. Miemie Saaiman from Riversdal recently passed away. Our deepest sympathy to sir Hendrik and family. May the Lord Himself comfort and encourage you in this time.


Mr & Mrs Joggie Swanepoel were recently elected as the new General Superintendent couple.
Mr Laurence Paulsen was elected Chairman of the Board of the AEB.
We believe with all our hearts that it was the choice of the Lord for a time like now. Pray for them while also having a great responsibility.

Also pray very specifically for each worker in the AEB while the activities are getting started again.

May the Lord richly bless you each.
Frans and Erica Gericke

The Crucifixion of Jesus

Dear Praying Friends,
We greet you in the wonderful Name of our Saviour. In this exceptional time in history, when the whole world has been forced to a standstill and all the normal activities have grinded to a halt, we are cautioned to lift our eyes on high and not allow fear to cripple our faith.. May we see and experience all that the Lord Jesus Christ longs to do for us, in this time. Let this point in history become an opportunity to seek His face as never before, may we gain insight and the wisdom that can only come from above. This time should be to us a God-given opportunity to sit at His feet! We deeply appreciate each fervent prayer for the workers of the A.E.B. and thank those who sacrificially support us. We trust that the portion written by F B Meyer, shared below that speaks of the Crucifixion will be a blessing to you.

Joh 19:17 “And he bearing his cross went forth into a place called the place of a skull, which is called in the Hebrew Golgotha: 
Joh 19:18  Where they crucified him, …”

Just outside the city gates, beside the main road, was a little conical eminence, which from its resemblance to a skull was called in Aramaic, Golgotha, and in Latin, Calvary. As we speak of the brow of a hill, they called the bald eminence a skull. The three languages in which the inscription was written stand for religion, government, and science. Note that every one of us is unconsciously writing his verdict about Jesus Christ; and when once it is written, there is no altering it. We may be forgiven, but the past cannot be obliterated.
The clothes of the crucified were the perquisite of the soldiers. But Christ’s were so poor that they were not worth keeping entire, except the inner tunic, the gift of someone’s-it may well have been His mother’s-love. What a contrast! Above, the consummate evidence of love working out the plan of eternity; below, the appeal of ignorance and brutality to chance.
Love made Mary brave to encounter the tragedy of that scene. The sword, as Simeon had foretold, was piercing her soul, Luke 2:35. Jesus knew how lonely she would be. He had neither silver nor gold, but could at least secure her a home and tender care. As the cross was elevated but slightly from the ground, His words could easily reach the little group. He chose the title, Woman, rather than “Mother,” lest identification with Himself should bring her insult.
It is to this paragraph that the soul turns when oppressed with the consciousness of guilt. The light-hearted world, which has never known the terror of a sinful conscience, turns from it as from a tragedy of woe and blood, but the repentant sinner presses from this vintage the wine of life. We stand beside thy Cross, O Son of God, and worship in adoring love, as we behold thy tenderness to thy mother, thy devotion to Holy Scripture, and the majesty of thy last cry of victory. It is finished-the Saviour’s work of redemption and the ground of our salvation. What is there left for us, but to hide in the cleft of His pierced side, and to seek the cleansing of the water and the blood?


Special News: It is with great excitement that we announce the birth of twins in the AEB to Daniel and Maria Marais of Upington, who work in the Orange River District. We pray that God may bless the lives of these two boys in a singular way.

General: All activities were forced to a halt in this time including the Easter Conventions across South Africa, but this has paved the way for innovation and initiative and several messages will be available on the internet including ‘live stream’ messages. Details can be found on the media page.

Northern Gauteng: Taylor and Annelize have developed four precious youth and children’s Bible Studies that are available in JPEG form. Before lock-down started, Taylor had an opening to speak at Spur. After his message, the waiters handed him a voucher for R200 to thank him for his word especially as they are seldom able to attend church themselves! We praise God for His faithfulness, and that His Word ‘will not return unto Him void’.

FREE STATE: Albert Potgieter writes about the salvation of a precious soul during a recent outreach!
I remember the principal of the school sharing their concern last year for a particular child because of her involvement in wrong. At the invitation this time, she stood in front of me! I asked her why she had remained behind and what was happening in her life. She replied that she had come to the point where she could not go further with the lifestyle she was leading, the sin she was involved in and that she was determined to seek God and beg Him to help her. I was amazed at the power of God to reach her heart. I then had the privilege of praying with her and witnessed her deep repentance, confession of sin sand seeking of God.

NORTHWEST: Mrs Alta Swanepoel writes: Through the mercy of God we are strengthened day by day and experience how God carries us forward. Joggie again had the prvilege of speaking at a congregation where God worked in hearts and five people stayed behind seeking God to save them. Praise God for His redeeming power. We have shifted the women’s camp to the 22-24 of May DV.

WESTERN CAPE: During our last street outreach in Stellenbosch, I realized afresh that this generation of young people are unreached and have scarcely any knowledge of the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ. Never before has there been so much spiritual activity on Sundays in large congregations, industry, schools, homes and other gatherings in our land and yet there is an level of spiritual darkness never seen before in our history. The reason for this is the absence of the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ in our generation (young and old). They need a personal revelation of the Lord Jesus Christ as Crucified Saviour!

NATAL: Roy Daniel wrote: A 22-year-old white man who was a manager at a store cried after I gave a short Bible study on how to know you are saved. He said “One week back I did not believe in God. I am an atheist who has never been in church or read a Bible. One week back I almost lost my job and I prayed to God and said, ” God if you exist show me”. I then got a text message within the next 5 minutes that was sent to me by mistake from USA Pennsylvania saying I am praying for you. I took this to be God as I had never had anyone sent me a text on prayer before. I asked the person in USA what to do and he texted I should read John and attend a church. I asked around about churches and was afraid to come on a Sunday as there are so many people. My friend in a Baptist church said I could come to the smaller Bible study for starters. So, I am here, and I know God exists. I only can remember a few verses from John, but I want this salvation you are talking of, I just don’t know what it is can. It was so wonderful to help him further, pray for him and give him a sermon on salvation to listen to. He is now attending that church and excitedly in contact about the sermons we gave him. One week back he hated God and would never have set foot in a church.

NORTHERN CAPE: Ian Waterson writes: We had a truly blessed time in Orania. The Lord is busy opening doors and hearts. We had a good time of visitation. We are sad to hear that Aunt Eve de Meyer passed away, but rejoice that she is ‘with the Lord’. There was a service of thanksgiving commemorating her life and thanking God that she was such a blessing and that her life carried with it a fragrance of the Lord Jesus Christ. We are deeply thankful for the graciousness of the people towards us and know it was God’s working in their hearts.

AEB CONVENTION SPEAKER: Keith was recently privileged to preach at three very fruitful outreaches which were arranged by the Heart Cry for Revival in SA which were held in Pretoria, Kempton Park and Roodepoort. These were followed by a Revival Convention in Pennington, Natal, in which a good amount of souls responded for salvation. He has since been recording messages for the Christian Radio Broadcasts here in Natal and will be preaching live on the internet over this Easter weekend in a live broadcast being arranged by America.

In Christ’s Love and Service
Frans and Erica Gericke

Victory through prayer

Dear Prayer Friends

We honour the Lord for the wonderful times of blessing lately at conferences and outreaches in various places in the country. Thank you for your prayers and support that keep the hands of every worker up but also enable you to continue in the calling God has called them to.

“The Lord is good to those who hope in Him, to the soul who seeks Him. It is good to wait in silence for the Lord’s help.” (Lament 3: 25,26)

It was the hour when defeat inevitably shone that Joshua stood before God alone in prayer, and the answer was a glorious victory over the five kings. It was the hours when Elijah practiced communion with God that brought fire from heaven that convinced Ahab that the Lord was God. It was the hours that Jonah spent in the deep sea in the belly of the big fish that prepared him to preach repentance to the people of Nineveh. It was the hours that Daniel spent in the upstairs room alone with God that made him a prince among people and also saved him in the lion’s den. It was the hours that the disciples were waiting for in the Lord’s upper room that enabled them to preach in the Kingdom at Pentecost three thousand souls. It was the hours spent by the apostle Paul alone in prayer that enabled him to shake Felix and make King Agrippa cry out: “You are almost moving me to become a Christian!” It was the hours Gladstone spent alone in prayer with God that made him the wise and secure leader of England. It was the hours spent by Spurgeon alone in prayer that made him the greatest preacher since the days of Paul. – Chas E Cowman

“The true victory in all service is secretly achieved in advance through prayer. Service is the collection of results.”

News from the field

Free State:
Youth Camp:
The Lord sent 20 children, many of whom come from children’s homes and are absolutely broken and broken. Our hearts were so sore to hear what happened to many of the children. One boy was very searching and responded with just about every service. One of the workers could pray with him and we believe with all our heart that the Lord came to do something for that young man. Another girl opened up to us as workers and we could clearly see that the girl’s sin was bothering her. Sunday afternoon with lunch was a very difficult time. Many of the children’s home children were in tears, they did not want to go back to children’s homes. One young man asked if he could stay with Mispa and take us back to his childhood home in his place.

Western Cape:
Easter Conference: A highlight was undoubtedly Saturday morning’s service when many people responded to the invitation to be filled with the Holy Spirit. After that, we could pray together in the Prayer Rooms and trust the Lord in faith.

Rhode helped provide some of the children’s services and had the privilege of praying Saturday night with a little girl who gave her life to the Lord.

Easter Conference: I believe everyone’s highlight of the weekend was Saturday afternoon. In the Namibian heat, the Lord came to visit us so tangibly with His presence. Many people came forward with a desire to live the standard of holiness again. We praise the Lord for a young man for whom we have prayed a lot, for the Lord to do a great job in his life this weekend. As we worked and thought about everything we had to do at the Easter Conference, I realized Saturday morning that I was so busy with my own things and thoughts that I would not allow the Lord to speak to me. That night the Holy Spirit descends and speaks so clearly to me. I could humble myself before God and trust in the Lord again to fill me with His Spirit. Just that one moment made the whole conference worthwhile.

Eastern Cape:
It was a very blessed conference. Each message shone in our hearts like a bright light, but it was Saturday night’s message that brought a whole group of people forward. Many were in tears as they poured their hearts out to the Lord.

We had a Junior Youth Camp March 29-31. We really had a wonderful weekend with them. Uncle Theunis brought the word so beautifully to their level there is not one who can say they did not understand it clearly. It wasn’t long before we realized that many of them came from very difficult domestic circumstances. We still regularly pray for all the children that the Lord will be the post-preacher of His Word in their hearts.

Northern Cape:
We had a blessed week of outreach at a high school. We had a total of 39 classes. There were troubled classes, but when it came to the cross of Jesus, one could hear a pin fall. Many children have admitted that they are lost and that it bothers them. We pray that the Holy Spirit will do the work of conviction in their hearts. We ended with a youth evening where there were 50 young people. We honor the Lord for the opportunity to share the good news of the Gospel to a lost world.

Orange River:
We visited several towns in the district, and were able to find opportunities at different businesses which is really wonderful. After one of the occasions, the driver walked to our car together to come and ask us for the scripture reference from which Daniel preached so that he could read it again later. There are a number of farms lined up along the river and the uncle we stayed with we referred to a few that we can see in the future in connection with services for their farm workers. We also contacted the elementary school and high school and they were positive about the possibility of Hall openings in the future. We are very grateful for the large open door. We also had a few events in Upington (including service for street children) which also went very well.

Convention Speaker:
The tour in Southern Gauteng ending with a special convention on soul winning were a great privilege to be part of and we believe that much fruit resulted for God’s kingdom.
The Northwest Easter Convention at Betesda was attended by a lovely group of young Christians mainly and it was a joy to sense their excitement in and out of the services.

Vaal Triangle Campaign:
This was an outreach to which I can testify that the Lord worked. The one morning when I brought a message to a school for Gr. 4 class, I made an invitation afterwards, and two children came out and said they would like to give their hearts to the Lord. So I talked to them and prayed with them in the end. My highlight of the outreach was last Sunday’s service. After the message, the Lord came to encourage me through a young man I spoke to and he testified that the Lord used me to lead him to the Lord. “
Another worker testified:
One of the places that was particularly blessed for me was at a primary school where 20 children responded and prayed for salvation together. One of those girls spoke to me personally in earnest and completely trusted the Lord to forgive her. At one of the old age homes, an old lady trusted the Lord for complete security. In all, I can only glorify the Lord’s Name. “
I prayed with an uncle and aunt who trusted the Lord to save their souls. The aunt with tears in her eyes and the uncle with a serious gleam in his eye. We were also at a school where we could pray with nine children.
Women’s Camp:
The messages about the butterfly explained to us the whole process from rebirth to sanctification. Some of the women testified that they would never look at a butterfly again. Some of the women testified about the great work the Lord did in their hearts over the weekend.

North Gauteng:
Pretoria Campaign:
During the outreach, we reached out a lot among people who live in so much grief. The question often came to me; “Who can save them from this grief?” The wonderful answer then was, the Lord can. However, the last night of the outreach was the highlight for me. There I had the privilege of praying together for a man for salvation. He was so ripe for the gospel. I thank the Lord for the privilege of being able to used as a mouthpiece, as well as it being Him who saves souls!
Another worker testified:
Something that was a new and good experience for me in the outreach is the very street work. I’ve never really done street work the way we did on the outreach. I experienced it in a positive way because we were able to reach so many people, seeing how the people invited to attend the services were encouraging.
A student testifies:
During the week, I grew a lot in my spiritual life and again saw how almighty God is. The first day we went from house to house. At one house, another student and I led two women to the Lord and prayed with them for salvation. What an encouragement. The sadness of the week was an aunt who could not forgive her children, and therefore could not reach the Lord. Also an uncle who can be seen searching, but there is something holding him back.

For your prayers:

11-15 Mei – Danville outreach (North-Gauteng)
13-17 Mei – Ventersdorp (Northwest)
15 Mei – CSV opening Kimberley
18 Mei – Garden Tea Pretoria tuine
17-19 Mei – Convention Pennington (Natal)
19 Mei – Eldoraigne Retirement home (N-Gauteng)
20 Mei – Hopetown Youth evening
20-26 Mei – Potchefstroom
15-17 Mei – Cradock (Eastern Cape)
18-20 Mei – Tarkasstad (Eastern Cape)
21 Mei – Steynsburg (Eastern Cape)
23-26 Mei – Burgersdorp (Eastern Cape)
27-30 Mei – Aliwal Noord (Eastern Cape)
25 Mei – 14 Junie – Glenvar student Namibiä outreach

1 Junie – Hopetown men’s breakfast
3-5 Junie – Kakamas (Orange River)
6 Junie – Pofadder (Orange River)
8-15 June – Rhinelander Annual Young Woman’s Convention – Mrs Jenny Daniel
7-9 Junie – Springbok (Orange River)
10-12 Junie – Kenhardt (Orange River)
3-7 Junie – Orania
9-12 Junie – Pentecostal meetings Potchefstroom
2-7 Julie & 15-21 Julie – Farm visitation Northwest
5-9 Julie – Campaign in Song Western Cape
8-9 Julie – Council meetings at Glenvar
10-14 Julie – Prayer Convention at Glenvar

17-21 Junie – Holiday Bible schools:
• Kimberley
• Velddrif
• Pretoria Tuine

24-28 Junie – Holiday Bible schools:
• Orania
• Potchefstroom

In His love
Frans & Erica Gericke

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Acc no.: 390 184 034

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