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Victory through prayer

Dear Prayer Friends

We honour the Lord for the wonderful times of blessing lately at conferences and outreaches in various places in the country. Thank you for your prayers and support that keep the hands of every worker up but also enable you to continue in the calling God has called them to.

“The Lord is good to those who hope in Him, to the soul who seeks Him. It is good to wait in silence for the Lord’s help.” (Lament 3: 25,26)

It was the hour when defeat inevitably shone that Joshua stood before God alone in prayer, and the answer was a glorious victory over the five kings. It was the hours when Elijah practiced communion with God that brought fire from heaven that convinced Ahab that the Lord was God. It was the hours that Jonah spent in the deep sea in the belly of the big fish that prepared him to preach repentance to the people of Nineveh. It was the hours that Daniel spent in the upstairs room alone with God that made him a prince among people and also saved him in the lion’s den. It was the hours that the disciples were waiting for in the Lord’s upper room that enabled them to preach in the Kingdom at Pentecost three thousand souls. It was the hours spent by the apostle Paul alone in prayer that enabled him to shake Felix and make King Agrippa cry out: “You are almost moving me to become a Christian!” It was the hours Gladstone spent alone in prayer with God that made him the wise and secure leader of England. It was the hours spent by Spurgeon alone in prayer that made him the greatest preacher since the days of Paul. – Chas E Cowman

“The true victory in all service is secretly achieved in advance through prayer. Service is the collection of results.”

News from the field

Free State:
Youth Camp:
The Lord sent 20 children, many of whom come from children’s homes and are absolutely broken and broken. Our hearts were so sore to hear what happened to many of the children. One boy was very searching and responded with just about every service. One of the workers could pray with him and we believe with all our heart that the Lord came to do something for that young man. Another girl opened up to us as workers and we could clearly see that the girl’s sin was bothering her. Sunday afternoon with lunch was a very difficult time. Many of the children’s home children were in tears, they did not want to go back to children’s homes. One young man asked if he could stay with Mispa and take us back to his childhood home in his place.

Western Cape:
Easter Conference: A highlight was undoubtedly Saturday morning’s service when many people responded to the invitation to be filled with the Holy Spirit. After that, we could pray together in the Prayer Rooms and trust the Lord in faith.

Rhode helped provide some of the children’s services and had the privilege of praying Saturday night with a little girl who gave her life to the Lord.

Easter Conference: I believe everyone’s highlight of the weekend was Saturday afternoon. In the Namibian heat, the Lord came to visit us so tangibly with His presence. Many people came forward with a desire to live the standard of holiness again. We praise the Lord for a young man for whom we have prayed a lot, for the Lord to do a great job in his life this weekend. As we worked and thought about everything we had to do at the Easter Conference, I realized Saturday morning that I was so busy with my own things and thoughts that I would not allow the Lord to speak to me. That night the Holy Spirit descends and speaks so clearly to me. I could humble myself before God and trust in the Lord again to fill me with His Spirit. Just that one moment made the whole conference worthwhile.

Eastern Cape:
It was a very blessed conference. Each message shone in our hearts like a bright light, but it was Saturday night’s message that brought a whole group of people forward. Many were in tears as they poured their hearts out to the Lord.

We had a Junior Youth Camp March 29-31. We really had a wonderful weekend with them. Uncle Theunis brought the word so beautifully to their level there is not one who can say they did not understand it clearly. It wasn’t long before we realized that many of them came from very difficult domestic circumstances. We still regularly pray for all the children that the Lord will be the post-preacher of His Word in their hearts.

Northern Cape:
We had a blessed week of outreach at a high school. We had a total of 39 classes. There were troubled classes, but when it came to the cross of Jesus, one could hear a pin fall. Many children have admitted that they are lost and that it bothers them. We pray that the Holy Spirit will do the work of conviction in their hearts. We ended with a youth evening where there were 50 young people. We honor the Lord for the opportunity to share the good news of the Gospel to a lost world.

Orange River:
We visited several towns in the district, and were able to find opportunities at different businesses which is really wonderful. After one of the occasions, the driver walked to our car together to come and ask us for the scripture reference from which Daniel preached so that he could read it again later. There are a number of farms lined up along the river and the uncle we stayed with we referred to a few that we can see in the future in connection with services for their farm workers. We also contacted the elementary school and high school and they were positive about the possibility of Hall openings in the future. We are very grateful for the large open door. We also had a few events in Upington (including service for street children) which also went very well.

Convention Speaker:
The tour in Southern Gauteng ending with a special convention on soul winning were a great privilege to be part of and we believe that much fruit resulted for God’s kingdom.
The Northwest Easter Convention at Betesda was attended by a lovely group of young Christians mainly and it was a joy to sense their excitement in and out of the services.

Vaal Triangle Campaign:
This was an outreach to which I can testify that the Lord worked. The one morning when I brought a message to a school for Gr. 4 class, I made an invitation afterwards, and two children came out and said they would like to give their hearts to the Lord. So I talked to them and prayed with them in the end. My highlight of the outreach was last Sunday’s service. After the message, the Lord came to encourage me through a young man I spoke to and he testified that the Lord used me to lead him to the Lord. “
Another worker testified:
One of the places that was particularly blessed for me was at a primary school where 20 children responded and prayed for salvation together. One of those girls spoke to me personally in earnest and completely trusted the Lord to forgive her. At one of the old age homes, an old lady trusted the Lord for complete security. In all, I can only glorify the Lord’s Name. “
I prayed with an uncle and aunt who trusted the Lord to save their souls. The aunt with tears in her eyes and the uncle with a serious gleam in his eye. We were also at a school where we could pray with nine children.
Women’s Camp:
The messages about the butterfly explained to us the whole process from rebirth to sanctification. Some of the women testified that they would never look at a butterfly again. Some of the women testified about the great work the Lord did in their hearts over the weekend.

North Gauteng:
Pretoria Campaign:
During the outreach, we reached out a lot among people who live in so much grief. The question often came to me; “Who can save them from this grief?” The wonderful answer then was, the Lord can. However, the last night of the outreach was the highlight for me. There I had the privilege of praying together for a man for salvation. He was so ripe for the gospel. I thank the Lord for the privilege of being able to used as a mouthpiece, as well as it being Him who saves souls!
Another worker testified:
Something that was a new and good experience for me in the outreach is the very street work. I’ve never really done street work the way we did on the outreach. I experienced it in a positive way because we were able to reach so many people, seeing how the people invited to attend the services were encouraging.
A student testifies:
During the week, I grew a lot in my spiritual life and again saw how almighty God is. The first day we went from house to house. At one house, another student and I led two women to the Lord and prayed with them for salvation. What an encouragement. The sadness of the week was an aunt who could not forgive her children, and therefore could not reach the Lord. Also an uncle who can be seen searching, but there is something holding him back.

For your prayers:

11-15 Mei – Danville outreach (North-Gauteng)
13-17 Mei – Ventersdorp (Northwest)
15 Mei – CSV opening Kimberley
18 Mei – Garden Tea Pretoria tuine
17-19 Mei – Convention Pennington (Natal)
19 Mei – Eldoraigne Retirement home (N-Gauteng)
20 Mei – Hopetown Youth evening
20-26 Mei – Potchefstroom
15-17 Mei – Cradock (Eastern Cape)
18-20 Mei – Tarkasstad (Eastern Cape)
21 Mei – Steynsburg (Eastern Cape)
23-26 Mei – Burgersdorp (Eastern Cape)
27-30 Mei – Aliwal Noord (Eastern Cape)
25 Mei – 14 Junie – Glenvar student Namibiä outreach

1 Junie – Hopetown men’s breakfast
3-5 Junie – Kakamas (Orange River)
6 Junie – Pofadder (Orange River)
8-15 June – Rhinelander Annual Young Woman’s Convention – Mrs Jenny Daniel
7-9 Junie – Springbok (Orange River)
10-12 Junie – Kenhardt (Orange River)
3-7 Junie – Orania
9-12 Junie – Pentecostal meetings Potchefstroom
2-7 Julie & 15-21 Julie – Farm visitation Northwest
5-9 Julie – Campaign in Song Western Cape
8-9 Julie – Council meetings at Glenvar
10-14 Julie – Prayer Convention at Glenvar

17-21 Junie – Holiday Bible schools:
• Kimberley
• Velddrif
• Pretoria Tuine

24-28 Junie – Holiday Bible schools:
• Orania
• Potchefstroom

In His love
Frans & Erica Gericke

Head Office Banking details

Acc no.: 390 184 034


Dear Prayer Friends

We salute you in the Wonderful Name of our Savior. We are deeply grateful to every prayer warrior and supporter who continues to pray for every worker in the AEB.

“Thou shalt remember all the way which the Lord thy God hath led thee these forty years.”—Deut. 8:2.

THE KEYNOTE of this chapter is “Remember!” Faith begins without certain evidence of an external and positive kind, but as life advances, one day after another adds the weight of its indisputable testimony. If we step out on the supposition that there is an eternal and spiritual world enwrapping us on all sides, we shall come to so clear and distinct an assurance of it, that it would be easier to doubt our existence. It is a good thing to look back and see the way; it is as certain as possible that the thread of Divine purpose is stringing together the many-coloured links of our life.

Notice the alliteration of Deut. 8:15, Deut. 8:16. “Who led thee”; “Who fed thee.” Where God leads, He feeds! Look back on the past, and see that just as sure as the guidance of God, has been His care. There is no lack to those who allow Him to lead them in His own paths.

Look back on the past!- It’s sins and backsliding – leave them behind for ever, and rise to newness of life. Its discipline- intended to chasten and strengthen us. Its trials- meant to reveal God’s power to deliver in the hour of trouble that we may glorify Him. The terrible wilderness of loneliness, the fiery serpents of temptation, the manna which has never failed to fall, the water which the Rock has ever yielded. Deut. 8:17-18 teach us the lesson of humility. If, for some reason, you have been put into a position of wealth, honour, or influence, do not be proud, or think that your talents or abilities are to receive the praise. Thank God, and remember that it is He who gives the power to get wealth or honour, and He does it with a very definite purpose! Will you not pledge yourself to serve and worship Him? As you climb the crest of the hill, and begin to descend into the plain, not knowing what lies before, veiled in the mist, fear not, tighten your girdle, put your hand in His, and walk with Him to be His instrument to bless the world of men. F.B. MEYER


From North & South Gauteng:
The Lord has truly come to bless us over the past few evenings. We had good turnout after the services, and the challenge to soul winners came through powerfully. Tonight, a man met powerfully with God. He came because a friend invited him, intending to meet with God and the Lord did not disappoint him. Another young man came back powerfully to the Lord Jesus. Please pray for them.

North West:
We prayed with an aunt in her 80’s and in brokenness and tears she met the Lord Jesus. The next day, her daughter came to testify that there was really a change with her mother! There were tears of conviction as people repeatedly sought the Lord Jesus in prayer for His abundant grace.

God’s promise is clear that I should not worry because He is with me (Psalm 27). In those words, it was also how I approached this weekend’s youth camp with confidence in my Savior, that He would guide me in all His ways. Thanks to our Father, I can testify that the Lord truly came to work in the hearts of the young people and not through what I or my co-worker did, but God through us.

Northern Cape:
Wednesday night after the last service, people came to witness blessing. An uncle came to say thank you for the Word, the Lord came to deal with things he struggles with. Please continue to pray.

Pray for us!

  • 20-23 February – Hopetown outreach. (Youth evening 21 & Men’s breakfast 23)
  • 22-24 February – Womens camp – Northwest
  • 22-24 February – Soulwinners converence – Samekoms, North- & South-Gauteng
  • 22-27 February – How to be God’s Fisherman – Roy Daniel – Roodepoort
  • 25 February – 1 Maart – Orania
  • 1 March – Women’s day of prayer – Magaliesburg
  • 2-10 March – Vaaltriangle Macro Outreach
  • 16-24 March – North-Gauteng Outreach
  • 6-15 April – South-Gauteng Outreach

Easter Conventions
(18-21 April 2019)

  • Northwest (Betesda) – Speaker: Mr & Mrs Keith Daniel
  • North-Gauteng (Samekoms) – Speaker: Ds. Johan Bothma
  • Free State (Mispa) – Speaker: Ds. Hannes Delport
  • East-Cape (Hebron) – Speaker: Ds. Dirk Lourens
  • Namibia (Emmanuel) – Speaker: Dr. DA Myburgh
  • Western Cape (Amana) – Speaker: Mnr. J de Bruin.

In His love
Frans & Erica Gericke

Put off…

Dear prayer supporters

Mr. Johan de Bruin (Chairperson and General Superintendent of the AEB) writes as follows:
“Mrs. Dalene Waterson retired after 46½ years of faithful service in the AEB. She performed her duties as Treasurer with distinction as well as facing last year alone in Head Office after her husband’s death, Mr. Keith Waterson. We as Board are grateful to Mrs. Waterson for her devotion and continued prayers for the work of the AEB. We wish her a blessed retirement where she will settle in Pretoria at the end of 2018.

Mr. and Mrs. Frans Gericke will head the Head Office with effect from 2019 and the Head Office will then be operated from Pretoria and no longer from Parow in the Western Cape. “

New Head Office contact details effective 1 January 2019:


Home and contact address:
447A Sappers Contour, Lynnwood, Pretoria

Postal address:
Postnet Suite #251, Private Bag X025, Lynnwoodrif, 0040

Telephone (Home and Work):
012 348 1845

Sell nr:
Mnr. Frans Gericke
082 359 1557

The banking details will stay the same:
Banking details:
AEB Gen/Sec
Account Nº: 390184034
Branch Nº: 632-005

Another valuable message from Keith Waterson:
Colossians 3: 8: “But now ye also put off all these; anger, wrath, malice, blasphemy, filthy communication out of your mouth.”

1a) God saves by his Holy Spirit of a bad temper
– it has been proven time and again – some at salvation, others at sanctification.
Depravity – a part of the old man – fruit of indwelling sin. Then it’s not just a natural emotion – it’s something out of control.
1b) The ability to be angry is a God-given emotion. God gets angry. We were created after his image. “Be ye angry, and sin not.”
1c) Do not deny anger. You cannot just let it disappear. It will not leave by itself. If I keep it bottled up inside, it will causes head / body pains, criticism, impatience and even depression.
1d) Do not suppress it. You cherish a grudge and you enjoy it. Self-pity, un-forgiveness. It has the same effect. Head aches, pains, criticism, short temper.
1e) Do not seek substitutes. Circumstances, pastor, employer make you angry and you take it out on your wife or children. Why are you in such a foul mood? Do not try to express it any other way – like shouting, “letting off steam”. It is not a biblical way.


Psalm 37: 7 has the Bible’s recipe – Bible psychology:
“Rest in the Lord“
“wait patiently for him”
“fret not thyself “

Rest in the Lord
Get quiet. Tell the Lord that you are angry or angry now. Ask yourself: Why am I angry? What is the cause? Is it right to get angry in this situation? Is this fair and permissible anger? Are my own selfish desires disgusting? Do I want to manipulate someone? Do I want to get revenge on someone? We must acknowledge wrath before we can put it off. We must be silent before the Lord before we act. Is my anger against a targeted person or an act?
“Being angered is not the starter pistol at the beginning of the race, it is a red light meant for us to come to a standstill and take measure.”

“Rest in the Lord”
Wait patiently for him
It’s so wonderful that I can expect God in any situation. Can I look at the situation differently – this time with God’s eyes? Will others and God regard my actions as selfishness, trifle? How would it look if someone else reacted like that?
Expect HIM – do not keep thinking about it and do it around the clock. Expect the Lord. Discuss it with the Lord and regard it as completed.
Expect him – handle the matter so that you or others do not get hurt by dwelling on it. Expect his help.

Fret not thyself
He does not say: do not feel angry – but do not be angry. To feel angry is not sin.
Galatians 5 – works of the flesh – “anger”. Fruit of the Spirit – all the opposite – long suffering, kindness, meekness.
Make an effort to allow the Holy Spirit to control you.

Proverbs 14:29: “He that is slow to wrath is of great understanding: but he that is hasty of spirit exalteth folly.”

Proverbs 15:18: “A wrathful man stirreth up strife: but he that is slow to anger appeaseth strife.”

Proverbs 16:32: “He that is slow to anger is better than the mighty; and he that ruleth his spirit than he that taketh a city.” Do not be warthful.

Mrs. Grobler – Hebron: “Do not get upset and tense. You will not be able to live holy.”
Ds Gert van Rensburg: “Did you hear that?” To feel angry is not sin. To be angry is.

There are crises. In the crisis I have to make choices. In my choice, I have to “take up your cross”.

Be silent before the Lord – Expect Him – Don’t be wrathful.

WEES SAAM MET ONS BLY — Lukas 15:6, 7

Wes-Kaap: “Ek glo dat die pas afgelope konferensie op Amana ‘n onuitwisbare indruk op die konferensiegangers gemaak het wat beslis ‘n rooiletter datum en defnitiewe keerpunt op meer as een persoon se geestelike kalender is. Saterdagmiddag het ds Johan Bothma oor die volheid van die Heilige Gees gepreek en na die diens ‘n uitnodiging gemaak. Ons was so bewus van die teenwoordigheid van die Here in die atmosfeer dat dit maklik was om ons voor die Here te verootmoedig. Veertien mense het vorentoe gegaan waarna ‘n Goddelike tyd van gebed gevolg het waartydens ons in gebrokenheid ons behoefte aan God bekend kon maak.”

Noord-Gauteng: “Die konferensie op Samekoms was uiters geseënd gewees. Dit was lanklaas dat ek konferensiegangers so opgewonde gesien het en hoor praat het. Ek eer die Here dat Hy Ds. Jannie op so ‘n wyse kom gebruik het.” Jeugkamp Samekoms: “Ek kon die eerste aand saam met ‘n jongmeisie bid vir redding… hoe ernstig sy was weet ek nie, maar die Here ken die harte. Die woensdag het ek die voorreg gehad om met ‘n ander jongmeisie te bid vir redding. Sy het die vorige dag met my gepraat en gesê sy is nie bereid om alles aan die Here oor te gee nie en sy vrees dat sy na twee weke net weer dieselfde sal wees. Die aand het Taylor gevra wie bereid is om die Here met alles te volg. Sy het bly sit. Maar na die tyd het sy haastig kamer toe gegaan. Toe ek so rukkie later na haar kamer toe gaan, vind ek haar daar in trane. Nadat ek ‘n kort rukkie met haar begin praat het, het sy uit haar eie net begin bid. Daar het sy so opreg alles aan die Here oorgegee. Sy het ook die Here gevra om haar staande te hou. Ek kan waarlik sê dit was antwoord op gebed. Die Here het in haar hart kom werk en haar bereid gemaak om alles aan Hom oor te gee.” Ons dank die Here vir dit wat Hy kom doen het en gee Hom al die eer.”

Noord-Wes: “Tydens die Lentekonferensie kon ons net bewus raak van die Here se teenwoordigheid in ons midde en met die laaste diens was daar ‘n groot deurbraak in harte van die mense. Alle eer aan Jesus. Wat regtig ‘n riem onder die hart was is hoeveel mense op die kampterein oorgebly het en middae het dag- besoekers gerus om volgende diens by te woon.”


Nationale AEB Konferensie: 12-16 Des 2018 ( naby Winburg in die Vrystaat)
Raadsvergaderings: 6-7 Des 2018 Pelgrimdienste: 8-11 Des 2018 Konferensie: 12-16 Des 2018 Sprekers: Mnr K Daniel en Dr K Geldenhuys

  • 30 Okt: Piet Retief Jeugdiens
  • 4 Nov: Parow Maandelikse Diens – Glenvar
  • 4 Nov: P.E. Maandelikse Diens
  • 7–23 Nov: Besoeke in Parys, Potchefstroom en Lichtenburg.
  • 9 – 11 Nov: Uitreik op Laingsburg.
  • 12 – 16 Nov: Uitreik op Sutherland.
  • 24 November: Glenvar Diplomadiens — Ds Richard Verreyne
  • 24 Nov: Hebron jaareind afsluiting — Oos-Kaap
  • Mnr K Daniel in Amerika:
    2-4 November: Wisconsin
    9-17 November: Manhattan, New York.

Met dank teenoor ons getroue Hemelse Vader en die gewers, erken ons die volgende naamlose donasies: 12/07: R300; 3/09: R4000; 29/09: R500. XYZ: 2/07: R200; 31/08: R250; 2/10: R200. HJC: 4/07: R1100, R200; 26/07:R400; 1/08: R1000, R200; 31/08: R350; 5/09: R1100, R200; 1/10: R1325, R200.

Namens die AEB wens ons u ‘n Christus-gevulde Kersgety en geseënde Nuwe Jaar toe.

Mag u “EmmÁnnuel, God met ons” in 2019 ervaar.


Prayer that counts

The private place of prayer – “go into your inner room and close your door.”
The inner room speaks of my mounting. Of course, one can pray anywhere. All that Jesus said here was that the prayer that counts must not be polluted by publicity, professionalism, pride or shine. It has to do with a relationship, “Our Father”. It is exalted, heavenly work. Unsaved and carnal Christians cannot pray. Watchman No says: “… to know the will of God in prayer does not so much demand the right method, but a heart that is right.” In the inner room we are translucent, there we are “… open and bare before Him with whom we are dealing.” (Heb. 4:13). There I am exactly who I am. Only sincerity and purity count. The interior room speaks to motivation. A Christian will only enter the inner room if he is sufficiently motivated. There was an advertisement on radio and television that ended with the strongest reason to buy a specific product: “I want it because I want it.” The interior room, on the other hand, is that I cannot do without it in my life. The greatest enemy of prayer is not the lack of time, but the lack of motivation.
The inner room speaks of collaboration. One of the hardest things about prayer is to keep the door open. CH Spurgeon, the great preacher, had the habit of staying in his study every Saturday night, praying unobtrusively and waiting on the Lord for Sunday services. On one occasion his servant came to interrupt him with the message that there was someone demanding to see Spurgeon. The person was also a servant of the Lord. Spurgeon, who placed the inner room above everything, sent his servant back with the words: “Tell him, I am busy with the Master Himself and cannot now speak to His servant.”

The result of prayer – “… will repay you in public” (Matt. 6: 6).
Job asks, “What is the Almighty that we do to Him? And what good is it that we pray to Him in prayer? ” (Job 21:15). There are three products that produce prayer:
Spiritual Maturity:
The word “reveal” in the original language is a clearer idea of ​​a revelation. In Exodus 34:29 we read that Moses’ face shone because he was in communion with God – “And while we all look upon the face of the Lord with uncovered face, as in a mirror, we are transformed into the same. image, from glory to glory, as by the Lord who is the Spirit ”(2 Cor. 3:18). A revelation of God leaves no man unchanged. My attitude, attitudes, reactions and life will testify to my prayer life, or lack thereof.
Peace of mind:
In this regard, Jesus says that there is no reason to worry about life, possessions, necessities and the future. Communion with God in prayer brings a calm, a confidence and a peace that transcends all understanding. Paul, in the storm, was able to give courage to another because an angel of God appeared to him in prayer that night (Acts 27: 22-25).
The word “recompense” means give or return. He repays us by answering our prayers. How little can we do for the salvation of souls, or change their circumstances. How much can God do for them through us! Those who pray right live right. Those who pray well work well and those who pray most achieve the most. Prayer that counts is not a superficial expression of words, but an inner yearning of the heart.

Rejoice with us!

Otjiwarongo Pentecost:
The Pentecostal services at the Dutch Reformed Church were particularly blessed. We were able to talk to people spiritually many times after the events and see how the services had an impact on the community.

Tsumeb Pentecost:
As every year, the Tsumeb outreach was overloaded with opportunities. We were able to share the gospel with 7173 souls during these few days in Tsumeb.

Namibia tour:
The Lord has blessed the services and worked in hearts. At the last service a few people could pray for various spiritual needs and one young couple testified to me that the Lord had definitely done something for them. There were also events at businesses, schools, old age homes and other places where the Lord’s Word went out.
Vacation Bible Club:
Between 30 and 40 children attended the club every day. There, too, boys opened their hearts to the Lord.
A testimony from a person who attended the events: “In words I cannot thank you enough for bringing the message and I also want to say thank you for coming to our village. We need it so much. ”

Northern Cape
Springbok: There was a boy at the youth camp who recently lost his father to death. On Saturday we noticed the boy was in tears. He misses his father. That night, one of the pilgrims could pray with that young man, where he received forgiveness for his sins through the precious blood of Jesus Christ, and he could also have forgiven his father for the things his father had done to him.

Western Cape
Stellenbosch street work:
Together with Glenvar’s men’s students, this outreach once again yielded some highlights for all of us. I will never forget the two students of Stellenbosch, deeply aware of their soul distress, who, during separate incidents, asked me to
not to pray them. Then it becomes sacred ground under the plane trees in Victoria Street because of God’s presence.

Eastern Cape
From the first message, which had the theme: “Dust Then!” the Lord spoke to us. During the witness service, people spontaneously testified what the Lord had done for them during the conference.
Youth Camp:
The Lord surprised us with 17 young people. In closing, there were 36 people and we honor the Lord that He just came to strengthen our faith again. The testimonies we received from the youth camp are so wonderful, the kids can’t wait and are so excited for another camp.

North Gauteng
Middelburg outreach:
There is great gratitude in our hearts to our Heavenly
Father for the blessed outreach in Middelburg for the past 8 days. We had wonderful open doors to preach the gospel.
Here are some testimonies:
Tony Spies: The message was about why Jesus died on the cross. A boy made jokes all the time and caught people’s attention. When I finished, the boy realized he was in sin. I talked to him about getting to God. He realized a sin and we could pray with him for salvation.
Marézelle Waterson: During the business openings we were able to experience that the people were really listening and grateful that we came to share with them and several businesses told us to please.
come again.

Orange River
We are pleased to testify of the Lord’s work in lives. our ability and / or efforts. A young man in the Upington Prison, who attended the Justification classes, writes: “Justification” has come to create a future for me with presenting and attending. I can say that I am a new creature in Christ! ” One morning North Orange girl came to me one morning
ran and asked, “Uncle, why does Uncle always preach to us with a story / game?” “Well,” I answer, “so that you can understand the Bible better.” She replied “Uncle, I don’t like church, but I like Uncle sermons, and understand it!”

Potchefstroom Campaign:
We had the wonderful privilege of being able to reach out to Glenvar Bible School in Potchefstroom. During the week we held services in conjunction with the Church of the Nazarene and concluded the series services with a performance of “Just One Tree”, the story of Gert du Plessis Lambrecht who met the Lord in the death cells. The performance was the highlight of the series for me. As the scene played out, one could truly perceive the presence of the Lord.

South Gauteng
Elsburg is a sad piece of earth. We had so many heartbreaking conversations today. A young girl who was in tears on the street after realizing that the Lord’s grace was great on her. Another young man was also in tears as he told us his story. The poor man is desperate and Jesus’ love has come close to him.

Glenvar Bible School:
Diploma Service – Saturday, June 23 at 3 p.m. Mr Joggie Swanepoel will bring the Word of the Lord.
Western Cape:
Vacation Bible School Velddrif: June 25 – 29.
VBS Potchefstroom 2 – 6 July
Boons outreach and services July 16 – 21
Mooi Nooi July 22-24
Windhoek Schools outreach July 9-20
Swakopmund outreach July 21 – 29
Walvis Bay outreach July 21 – 29
Botswana Farm Visitation August 2 – 13
Botswanna Children’s Camp August 3 – 5
Northern Cape :
VBS Kimberley 25 – 29 June
VBS Orania July 2 – 6

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