Dear Prayer Friends

We salute you in the Wonderful Name of our Savior. We are deeply grateful to every prayer warrior and supporter who continues to pray for every worker in the AEB.

“Thou shalt remember all the way which the Lord thy God hath led thee these forty years.”—Deut. 8:2.

THE KEYNOTE of this chapter is “Remember!” Faith begins without certain evidence of an external and positive kind, but as life advances, one day after another adds the weight of its indisputable testimony. If we step out on the supposition that there is an eternal and spiritual world enwrapping us on all sides, we shall come to so clear and distinct an assurance of it, that it would be easier to doubt our existence. It is a good thing to look back and see the way; it is as certain as possible that the thread of Divine purpose is stringing together the many-coloured links of our life.

Notice the alliteration of Deut. 8:15, Deut. 8:16. “Who led thee”; “Who fed thee.” Where God leads, He feeds! Look back on the past, and see that just as sure as the guidance of God, has been His care. There is no lack to those who allow Him to lead them in His own paths.

Look back on the past!- It’s sins and backsliding – leave them behind for ever, and rise to newness of life. Its discipline- intended to chasten and strengthen us. Its trials- meant to reveal God’s power to deliver in the hour of trouble that we may glorify Him. The terrible wilderness of loneliness, the fiery serpents of temptation, the manna which has never failed to fall, the water which the Rock has ever yielded. Deut. 8:17-18 teach us the lesson of humility. If, for some reason, you have been put into a position of wealth, honour, or influence, do not be proud, or think that your talents or abilities are to receive the praise. Thank God, and remember that it is He who gives the power to get wealth or honour, and He does it with a very definite purpose! Will you not pledge yourself to serve and worship Him? As you climb the crest of the hill, and begin to descend into the plain, not knowing what lies before, veiled in the mist, fear not, tighten your girdle, put your hand in His, and walk with Him to be His instrument to bless the world of men. F.B. MEYER


From North & South Gauteng:
The Lord has truly come to bless us over the past few evenings. We had good turnout after the services, and the challenge to soul winners came through powerfully. Tonight, a man met powerfully with God. He came because a friend invited him, intending to meet with God and the Lord did not disappoint him. Another young man came back powerfully to the Lord Jesus. Please pray for them.

North West:
We prayed with an aunt in her 80’s and in brokenness and tears she met the Lord Jesus. The next day, her daughter came to testify that there was really a change with her mother! There were tears of conviction as people repeatedly sought the Lord Jesus in prayer for His abundant grace.

God’s promise is clear that I should not worry because He is with me (Psalm 27). In those words, it was also how I approached this weekend’s youth camp with confidence in my Savior, that He would guide me in all His ways. Thanks to our Father, I can testify that the Lord truly came to work in the hearts of the young people and not through what I or my co-worker did, but God through us.

Northern Cape:
Wednesday night after the last service, people came to witness blessing. An uncle came to say thank you for the Word, the Lord came to deal with things he struggles with. Please continue to pray.

Pray for us!

  • 20-23 February – Hopetown outreach. (Youth evening 21 & Men’s breakfast 23)
  • 22-24 February – Womens camp – Northwest
  • 22-24 February – Soulwinners converence – Samekoms, North- & South-Gauteng
  • 22-27 February – How to be God’s Fisherman – Roy Daniel – Roodepoort
  • 25 February – 1 Maart – Orania
  • 1 March – Women’s day of prayer – Magaliesburg
  • 2-10 March – Vaaltriangle Macro Outreach
  • 16-24 March – North-Gauteng Outreach
  • 6-15 April – South-Gauteng Outreach

Easter Conventions
(18-21 April 2019)

  • Northwest (Betesda) – Speaker: Mr & Mrs Keith Daniel
  • North-Gauteng (Samekoms) – Speaker: Ds. Johan Bothma
  • Free State (Mispa) – Speaker: Ds. Hannes Delport
  • East-Cape (Hebron) – Speaker: Ds. Dirk Lourens
  • Namibia (Emmanuel) – Speaker: Dr. DA Myburgh
  • Western Cape (Amana) – Speaker: Mnr. J de Bruin.

In His love
Frans & Erica Gericke