Dear Friends

We greet you with broken hearts due to the sudden death of Mr. Keith Daniel. I would like to share with you some thoughts on the death of God’s benefactors written by AC Dixon.

Psalms 116:15
Precious in the sight of the Lord is the death of His saints.”

As we see death, it means decay, removal, absence—things which we do not prize. But as God sees death, He beholds something really precious to Him and, we may justly infer, precious to us, for whatever is against us cannot be precious to our Father. We are looking at the wrong side of the tapestry, where all is tangle and confusion. God sees the right side, where the design is intelligent and the colours harmonious. We are without the veil, and see but the dim light through the curtain; within is the Shechinah glory. We stand in the dark, believing and hoping; God is in the light, seeing and knowing.

I. To God death means the opportunity to supply every need of His child. Health means conscious strength. While we are well, we may feel that we are equal to taking care of ourselves. Dying means absolute helplessness. Such is God’s opportunity. When physicians give up the case, He takes it up. After human help has failed, the Lord delights to be to us all that we need.

II. To God death means the most intimate communion. He rejoices to have all to Himself those whom He loves. He said of Israel, “I will allure her and bring her into the wilderness, and speak comfortably unto her.” No one else can help us die. Through the valley we must go alone—yet not alone, for Jesus accompanies.

III. To God death means rest. Jesus said, “Come unto Me,” etc. It was His delight to quiet the heart and give rest to the weary mind. The voice from heaven said, “Blessed are the dead,” etc. “There remaineth a rest,” etc. To us death looks like a rest of the body—the lifeless form no longer suffers; it sleeps until the waking on the resurrection morning. God sees the rest of soul, and the event which introduces His children into this restful state is precious to Him.

IV. To God death means larger life. Christ came to give life, and to give it more abundantly. Whatever imparts and increases the life of God’s people is of great value. While to us death seems to be the cessation of life, to God it is an increase of life. The last words of Drummond Burns were, “I have been dying for years, now I shall begin to live.” It is passing from the land of the dying into the land of the living.

V. To God death means joy. All through the Bible we are exhorted to “Rejoice, rejoice evermore!” The joy of His children is precious to God. Dying, Rutherford exclaimed, “I feed on manna; oh, for arms to embrace Him!” President Wingate, of Wake Forest College, whispered to his wife with his last breath, “I thought it would be sweet, but I did not think it would be sosweet as this.” It is passing from shadow into sunshine; from the discords of earth into the music of the celestial harps; from contraction into everlasting expansion.

VI. To God death means ministry to the living. Through death Jesus entered the family of the Jewish ruler, and the death of our friends often leads us to invite the Man of Sorrows to our homes. The departure of loved ones opens a window of heaven, and gives us a glimpse into the beyond; and in leaving us, they, in a very true sense, come to us. We appreciate them as we never did before; we see their virtues and forget their faults; they are to us transfigured, while everything about them shines with a peculiar glory. (A. C. Dixon, D.D.)

Men of God taken from our midst

  1. Mr. Keith Daniel died yesterday afternoon on 6 March 2021 after a three-week sickbed in a hospital in Cape Town. Children of God from various parts of the world prayed together for Mr. Daniel, Jenny, Noel, Roy and Samuel and held their hands up in prayer as they all walked through these deep waters. For me personally, it was such an encouragement to be able to see how many people around this beloved man of God and his family united in prayer and encouraged one another with the promises of God. I honor the Lord for every precious friend who stands with them in this, possibly, the saddest time in their lives. So many precious testimonies giving glory to God have been shared about this beloved man of God’s life and influence.
    Mr Daniel was part of the AEB with his training for 50 years while serving as Superintendent of Natal and the Eastern Cape during this time. For most of his life, he was the A.E.B.’s Convention Speaker. Without a doubt, his walk with God, his love for the Word, his faithfulness and his empathy made him stand out as a beloved man of God. Virtually every testimony shared about him deals with, among other things, how he encouraged people and what he meant to them spiritually. To many, he was like a spiritual father. He often took the burden of others on himself and fasted and prayed about it until God came to give the outcome. I thank the Lord for the privilege I had of being able to put conferences, day conferences and other occasions at his feet, for every conversation I could have with him and for every soul he helped to get out of the darkness. to find eternal light. Not only did we lose a precious co-worker, but a true friend. Please pray. for Jenny, Roy, Noël, Samuel and the rest of the family.
  2. Mr. Johan de Bruin died at the end of December 2020 after a short illness due to Covid-19. Until his death he was the General Superintendent as well as the Chairman of the Board of the A.E.B. In both of these positions he served faithfully and selflessly. His spiritual walk with God, his prayer life, his love for the Word and precious souls were outstanding qualities of Mr. Johan de Bruin. The two positions he served in were a huge responsibility and a challenge. We honor the Lord for a man who gave his best for the Lord and for everything he did and meant to the A.E.B. Please pray for Mrs. Magda de Bruin and the rest of the family.
  3. Mr. Frans Terblanche from Groblersdal recently died in a car accident. For many spiritual workers, Frans Terblanche was a friend. Throughout the years we have known him, he has been a regular at our conventions and supporter of the A.E.B. Frans was known for his love for his Heavenly Father, his holy walk and sincerity. I never saw Frans without a smile on his face. We have lost a precious friend in the Lord. Please pray for Anelize, Rolize, Elizna and Hennie with their families.
  4. Mrs. Miemie Saaiman from Riversdal recently passed away. Our deepest sympathy to sir Hendrik and family. May the Lord Himself comfort and encourage you in this time.


Mr & Mrs Joggie Swanepoel were recently elected as the new General Superintendent couple.
Mr Laurence Paulsen was elected Chairman of the Board of the AEB.
We believe with all our hearts that it was the choice of the Lord for a time like now. Pray for them while also having a great responsibility.

Also pray very specifically for each worker in the AEB while the activities are getting started again.

May the Lord richly bless you each.
Frans and Erica Gericke